Burning of chief’s corpse saga…Sege police accused! 

Details are emerging from the Saturday, September 15, 2018 incident at Tehey, a suburb of Sege in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region, which despicable incident resulted in the killing of a mourner and the burning of the corpse of the late Chief of Tehey, Nene Mensah Zotorvie V, following a disagreement over the burial site at Tehey.

In the wake of that gory incident, the son of late Nene Mensah Ztotorvie V, Mr Atsu Dottorvi, has accused the police in Sege in the Greater Accra Region of shielding what he says are the ‘real perpetrators.’


According to him, the police arrest of six persons namely Nene Akwafo Bisensu Zotorvie, 46, traditional ruler; Nene Narh Dutor Bisensu Zotorvie, 56, traditional ruler; David Tetteh Ayimavor (36), unemployed; Maxwell Zotorvi, 28) farmer; Christian Zotorvie, 22, farmer, and; Emmanuel Zotorvie (52), driver, was just a mere face-serving exercise to show to the public that they were doing everything possible to hunt down the killers of the 40-year-old Ofotu Sabbah, which same people also set ablaze the ambulance carrying his late father.
He said that the prime culprits who killed Ofotu Sabbah and burnt the corpse of his 67-year-old father, Nene Zotorvie, together with the hearse to ashes, have been left off the hook, revealing that “these suspects including the ring leader, one Baba, who shot the gun, were now walking free on the streets of the area.”
Mr.Atsu Dottorvi claimed that though he identified most of the suspects, the police just picked and choose, leaving the real perpetrators of that heinous act.


He further accused the police of siding with the perpetrators, thereby throwing dust into the eyes of the public with the few arrests.


According to him, he has on several occasions reported at the Sege Divisional Police Command to find out any new development with regard to any further arrest(s), but added that each time he goes there, the Sege Divisional Police Commander, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mr George Aboagye, entreats him to fuel their vehicle to aid them in more arrests.


Mr Atsu Dottorvi alleged that he had already given ASP Aboagye an amount of GHC700.00 for the arrest of other prime suspects but added that the police commander has simply refused to make the arrest of those suspects.


“We suspect that the police are in bed with the real suspects. This is because whenever we see the suspects around and report them to the police to cause their arrest they will never arrest them,” the late chief’s son said.


Following these developments, Mr Atsu Zottorvi told Today in an exclusive interview that his life and that of his family were in grave danger.


Narrating what happened on that fateful day (September 15, 2018) to our reporter, Mr Atsu Zottorvi revealed that in the heat of performing the final funeral rites at Tamatoku to bury the late Nene Mensah Ztotorvie V, they were surprised when ASP Aboagye together with his men stormed the funeral grounds around 4:30 pm.


According to him, the senior police officer served the family of the late Nene Mensah Ztotorvie V with a court injunction, restraining the family from burying their late father.


“I was at the funeral grounds and I saw that a police vehicle had been parked along the road. So I asked myself what exactly is the problem? I then decided to find out the reason. As I decided to make enquires, I saw the police car drove away.


“I later saw my brother, Simon, who informed me that the police commander at Sege had served the family with a court injunction, preventing them from burying my father. So I asked Simon: why the police would serve him with an injunction, asking whether the commander was now a bailiff,” he told Today.


He stated that later when they moved the corpse from the funeral grounds at Tamatoku to Tehey for the burial they realised that the grave had been covered with with sand.


“So when we saw that we started talking pictures of the grave to support what we had seen.


“All of the sudden, we heard sporadic gunshots which incident compelled many of us to ran helter skelter. Those shooting further used offensive weapons such as clubs, sticks, concrete blocks and metals to attack us.


“So for fear of our lives, we ran away and left the corpse in the hearse. So the members of this faction took advantage of the situation to burn the body of the late chief of Tehey,” he recounted.
Mr Atsu Dottorvi recounted that three days (i.e.) Thursday September 13, 2018, before the final funeral rites of the late chief of Tehey, the same gun-wielding suspects led by Baba went to the cemetery to cover the grave with sand, which a report was lodged at the Sege Police Command to that effect.
Surprisingly, according to Mr Atsu Dottorvi, when Baba was arrested and remanded in prison custody of the Sege police, the commander later ordered for his released with the explanation that he would handle the matter.


Continuing Mr Atsu Dottorvi indicated he was later arrested and detained by ASP Aboagye upon his invitation to come for a brief meeting after they reported the members of the opposing faction who fired the live bullets into the mourners.


Against this backdrop, the visibly worried Atsu Dottorvi called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr David Asante-Appeatu, to set up a committee to investigate the conduct of ASP George Aboagye and his officers to help ascertain the real facts of the matter and bring the killers to book.


For his part, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Ada West, Lawer Akrofi, in an interview with Today assured that his constituents that his outfit will not rest on its oars until justice was brought to bear on those involved in that heinous crime.


He stressed: “My outfit is in constant touch with the security agencies to ensure that calm returns to the area.”


The MCE further disclosed that schools, which were closed in order to protect lives, would be opened on Monday, October 1, 2018, assuring that his outfit was doing everything humanly possible to ensure the safety of both school children and teachers in the area.


Allaying the fears of the residents, he assured of the security agencies ‘to deal with troublemakers.


Mr Akrofi revealed that seven suspects have so far been arrested by the police, six of whom have been put in remand while the seventh suspect has been held in police custody pending investigations for charges to be preferred against him.


The DCE stressed warned that anyone who would try to circumvent justice would be made to face the full rigours of the law.


According to the DCE, Atsu Dottorvi called to inform him that the commander had requested them to follow him to the Ada Magistrate Court which they declined but he forced them with armed policemen in the same police vehicle he early on said there was no fuel in.


Unfortunately, on reaching the court, they were told the court was not sitting that day.


“That was when I told the regional police head of Sege West to stop the commander and his men since no charge had been preferred against them.”

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