Builsa South NPP reacts… DCE Is Our Best Asset


MEMBERS of the Builsa South Constituency Communications Directorate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have stated that District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, Mr Daniel Kwame Gariba, is their ‘best asset’ and would not do anything untoward to tarnish his image.

The communications directorate made this remark in response to the news publication on page 3 of the Today newspaper of June 24, 2019 with the headline: “You Are Unfit To Be MP……NPP Builsa South to DCE.”

According to the members of the NPP Builsa South Communications Directorate, the said publication was ‘wicked and malicious’ and a calculated attempt by ‘faceless cowardice individuals of the opposition’ hiding behind the defeated aspirants of the NPP executives elections in the constituency to tarnish the soaring image of their DCE.

In a rejoinder signed and issued by the NPP Communications Officer of Builsa South Constituency, Mr Thomas A. Achanga, and copied to Today yesterday, it called on all well-meaning NPP faithful in and outside the constituency to treat the said publication with the contempt it deserves.

It pointed out that soaring image of Daniel Kwame Gariba since his appointment as DCE for Builsa South has become a thorn in the flesh of the opposition and any inferior- communist-tactics at reducing his soaring image in the constituency as well as the district won’t wash.

In the said publication, it said the so-called non-existing faceless angry NPP members claimed they have been sidelined in all party activities after they lost the elections.

After the constituency executive elections, several reconciliation meetings have been held at the instance of the DCE aimed at uniting the defeated aspirants and the winning candidates and it’s therefore a figment of  someone’s imagination to say that defeated aspirants have been sidelined from party activities in the constituency.

The publication also falsely claimed the DCE is using his position to intimidate other aspirants in the NPP from contesting him in order to go unopposed in the upcoming 2020 parliamentary primaries.

“The communications directorate wishes to state that the NPP as a party believes and thrives on democratic processes and therefore no party member in the Builsa South will be intimidated or prevented from contesting the 2020 parliamentary primaries when the right time is due.

It stressed that Mr Gariba even wish there will be many true party faithful(s) contesting the primary so as to strengthen the democratic foundation of the party and whipped up the enthusiasm of the party grassroots in the constituency.

To this end the rejoinder urged: “We are, therefore, by this rejoinder challenging those cowards and faceless opposition individuals who are hiding behind our faithful defeated executive aspirants to cause disaffection among NPP members in the constituency to come out and disclose their identities for the sake of the credibility of the “Today’s” newspaper.”





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