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Slot machine games have evolved in leaps and bounds since their inception. Originally called fruit machines because of the fruit symbols or the one arm bandit due to their capability of leaving players feeling robbed, however, they have come a long way on the less. The first slots did not come with any extra features or bonus games, never mind the free spins feature which almost every game nowadays seems to possess, some online slots can be played on


In this review we are going to take a look at the myriad of features that games these days have to offer, and let’s be honest, there are so many new ones being introduced on what seems like a monthly basis.

Split Symbols

Are still relatively new in the industry and this basically means symbols can be split to take up many positions on the reels, providing many more winning opportunities.


These symbols have become common in almost all games. They are usually able to substitute all other symbols with the exception of special symbols such as scatters. The wild has proven to be highly adaptable, hence the numerous variations that exist nowadays.

Expanding Wilds

Similar to the normal wild, however, this wild will land on a reel and then expand to fill the entire reel in the hopes of creating further winning combinations.

Sticky Wilds

These wilds have the ability to stick where they land for a designated number of spins after a winning spins. This makes them an incredibly valuable symbol in the modern game as they consistently provide players with massive consecutive payouts.

Random Wilds

As you might have gathered from the name, these wilds will appear at random often after a losing spin, therefore giving players an extra chance so to speak.

Free spins

This feature has proven time and again to be arguably the most lucrative symbol in the modern game. Players will need to land a specific number of free spins symbols to trigger the bonus spins, this is usually 3 or more but is dependent on the developer.


The number of free spins can vary considerably from game to game, with most games offering from as little 1 free spin to hundreds of free spins, you can see how this can be extremely beneficial to players. Another feature of the free spins that has been adopted in recent times is the ability to re-trigger free spins during the free spins feature.

Scatter Symbols

These symbols are yet another adaptive icon. The scatters are usually used be slot games to trigger bonus rounds or features. Many games will use the scatter symbol to trigger the free spins game; however this is solely up to the developers.

Progressive Jackpot

This feature is undoubtedly the one players will have dreams of seeing. There are usually a number of slots that contribute to the jackpot, which means they can get excessively high after a while. There have been countless winners of these jackpots who have been made millionaires overnight.


These are just a few features that have been added to the modern slot game, there are many more that exist out there and you can be certain that there will continue to be new ones added to make playing these games even more lucrative.


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