Black Santa launches scholarship scheme to assist brilliant and needy students

Black Santa, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), which is a subsidiary of Global Icons Agency (GIA), has launched an educational scholarship scheme aimed at assisting brilliant and needy students in the country.

The scholarship scheme is aimed at roping in as many poor and brilliant students back to school to pursue their dreams and aspirations through academic pursuance while at the same time, curbing social vices in society.

Elaborating on the need for such a scheme to be instituted in Ghana, an Executive member of Black Santa, Miss Irene Ocran, stressed that if the NGO does not assist such students through their education, they may not be able to achieve their goals and serve humanity well.

She, therefore, appealed to members to give wholeheartedly to support this worthy cause.

Miss Ocran revealed that qualified young men and women for tertiary education reroute into social vices following frustrations from unfulfilled dreams and aspirations for life.

However, to ignite the interest of pursuing at least a first degree informed the reason for the establishment of the Black Santa educational scholarship scheme.

“We think that this scheme is timely seeing the youth who should be in school rather waste their lives to vices and robbing the nation of great brains that otherwise could have been instrumental for accelerating growth,” she explained.

She added that “Most of the less privileged students with excellent grades do apply to the universities with the hope that once they get admission they would be blessed by kind people which most often never see the light of day.”

“…a number of brilliant students out there are poised to seize an opportunity to have a tertiary education, however, financial constraints hindermost of them from pursuing their dreams, adding “the only hope they seek is looking forward for that proverbial rainy day for which the Hope Scholarship Challenge could be,” he noted.

This, she said, made most youth and even adults to plunge into all forms of vices including blood money, popularly called ”sakawa,” student prostitution, fraud as result of disappointment at unfulfilled aspirations.

With the emergence of Black Santa Scholarship Scheme, she was hopeful that the trend would be reverted if they took advantage.



Story: Prosper KWAKU SALASSY

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