Tetrapleura tetraptera is a species of the flowering plant in the pea family native to Western Africa. The plant is called prekese aka soup perfume in the twi language of Ghana. Its fruit is used to spice dishes and its bark is used for medicinal purposes. This is mostly found in Ghana in West Africa. It is used to prepare palmnut soup especially and other kinds soup and stew, because of its perceived medicinal benefits and whetting aroma.

The sweet fragrance of Aidan fruit is valued as it is used to spice up rich foods. The Aidan fruit has the following medicinal benefits such as Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Fibroid, immune system booster, epilepsy, leprosy etc. The fruit also gives fast relief from fever; it also helps people suffering from constipation. Die to it ability, the plant extract is used to make soap which is used for skin inflammation and bacterial infection on the skin. It is also believed that, this plant flourishes in places like Nigeria, Ghana and Israel.

Because of its strong smell, it can also be used as mosquito repellent and is very effective too. The Aidan fruit or Prekese can be used to make prekese tea which is used for weight loss. This tea has the ability to cleanse the extra fat in the body. For those who wish to look young especially women, should make the Aidan fruit or Prekese their friend and also use it to spice up their foods or put into water and drink every day.



The writer is a LEVEL 300 student at the GHANA INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISM

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