Bed Bugs Invade Some SHSs In Volta Region After Millions Of Ghana Cedis Spent On Fumigation

Issues of Bed Bugs infestations in most Senior High Schools (SHSs) across Ghana have become a nightmare to both parents and students since the early part of 2016.

Parents and students alike breathe a sigh of relief when government engaged Zoomlion Ghana Limited to carry out mass disinfestation in the schools following the outbreak of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

However, the hopes of many Ghanaians have been dashed as there have been new reported cases of new Bed Bugs infestations in some SHSs in the Volta region.

According to a Medical Entomologist (Final year Mphil (Entomology) Candidate-University of Cape Coast) and a Health Tutor at the Accra School of Hygiene, Mr. Godwin Deku who revealed the sad news of new Bed Bugs infestations said the thought and expectations of many students of bed bugs free dormitories due to the several months of lockdown of all SHSs and the millions of Ghana Cedis spent by the government on mass disinfestation in the schools following the outbreak of COVID-19 has been dash completely due to the reported new cases.

Mr. Deku explained that subjecting bed bugs to almost four (4) months of starvation and spraying them with insecticides were still not enough to subdue this resilient pest in the various SHSs.

The Medical Entomologist disclosed that he visited two SHSs in the Volta Region on Monday 30th June 30, 2020 where fumigation was carried out during the lockdown periods.

He noted that inspections were conducted in three (3) and one (1) room respectively from the two schools.

“Amazingly, Nymph bed bugs (first instars and fourth stage instar) were found present in the dormitories of the two schools visited.” Mr. Deku indicated.

He maintained that the reported new infestations of mass bed bug is clear indication of control failure in the schools as it is often believed by the general public that, re-infestations of the bugs after disinfestation sessions are commonly due to the re-introduction of the insects from homes to schools.

The finding from this inspection suggest major implications for insecticide control practices, a possible re-emergence of the pest in the Schools and bed bugs likely to become a worry and major biting nuisance to students again despite, the effort to eradicate them.

He therefore, recommended that constant bed bug monitoring in the schools and frequent inspections few days after control programmes have been done to warrant further actions when the need be for appropriate decision and management of the insect.



Story: Franklin ASARE-DONKOH

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