Ban the use of plastics in the country – ATV Channel Manager to government

Michael Kunke, Channel Manager of Amansan Television (ATV), led a team to launch a sanitation campaign against filth to educate Ghanaians on the critical need to change the negative attitudes towards the environment and waste management in Accra on March 22.

The campaign which is themed ‘Stop the Filth Now” is also aimed at pressuring government to enforce all sanitation by-laws and apply appropriate sanctions to falters.

According to Michael Kunke, the aim of the campaign is to impact positively on the rather negative attitudes of Ghanaians towards sanitation management and the environment.

“It should be possible for the country to promote the use of recyclable paper bags, as it has been done in many countries in the world” adding that,” it is regrettable that Ghana is drowning in garbage “

Mr. Kunke expressed worry over how citizens are quick to point accusing fingers at those in authority, saying to have a filth free Ghana demands a collective efforts by all.

‘We as citizens are quick to point fingers at government and blame them for failing to provide this or that. But the question is; have we as citizens looked at our attitude towards the generation of filth? he quizzed adding that “Ghanaians litter everywhere, and this has to stop”.

He called on all Ghanaians to come together and support the campaign.


Source: Ghanaweb

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