Bagbin blasts govts over neglect of mining communities

Flag-bearer hopeful of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has taken a swipe at various successive governments since 1992, especially the executive presidents, on how unfairly they treat mining communities in the country.

 Speaking over the weekend at Prestea-based Energy 93.3 FM in Western Region, the experienced legislature lashed out at governments in what he called “exploitative governments,” most especially presidents that have come and gone.


According to him, successive governments have been ‘unfair’ to mining communities.


“If you look at the system we have in place, it is exploitative. If you are doing such a thing (large scale mining) in an area a percentage of the revenue must go into that area to help improve the lot of the indigenes,” he said.


“So in the agreement that you sign, a percentage of the revenue stream must come to benefit the place directly. Look at Prestea, Tarkwa, Obuasi, they have been exploited, and it is horrible. That is it, because people have to live,” he urged, asking that “now we are mining oil in the Western Region, what percentage of the oil revenue goes to the fisher-folks who have been put out of work, to have alternative livelihoods?”


…You, know, our laws say, “our minerals are all held for and on behalf of the Presidents. And since we opted for executive presidency, they do all those agreements and sign them. Sometimes, Parliament just has to struggle to only do ratification!”


Highlighting his contributions to the NDC, Mr Bagbin recounted, “I joined the revolution in 1979 as one of the student leaders.  So in 1992, I was a member of the legal committee, which drafted the NDC constitution. Since then, I have been a member of NEC, member of the Council of Elders, and many more. But I have resigned from the committee to declare my intent to lead the party.”



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