Auditor General to refer fraud cases to Special Prosecutor

The Ghana Audit Service will submit infractions it has identified in its reports to the Office of the Special Prosecutor (SP) for prosecution once it is fully set up.

The Auditor General (A-G), Daniel Yaw Domelevo said under section three of the Special Prosecutor’s Act, it is required that the office should be able to investigate alleged corruption and corruption-related offences, which were submitted to Parliament and the Attorney General.

He stated that other agencies  which can take up the cases are the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO).

“Therefore, now in the course of our audit if we identify abuses or infractions, which we suspect are criminal or fraudulent, what we will do is, we will submit it to the SP. And then the SP can prosecute on our behalf,” he said.

He said the governing body of the Office of the SP is supposed to include one representative of the Audit Service, not below the rank of a Director, nominated by the Attorney General.

Mr Domelevo made this known on Friday in Accra, during a one-day seminar organised by the 2013 Year Group of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICA-Ghana) on the theme, “The role of the Auditor General in facilitation of the work of the Special Prosecutor”.

He argued that “if the office of the Auditor General should limit the fight against corruption to only what auditors could do, (that is reporting, disallowing and collecting the money); people would still play games with public funds”.

“Because remember, there is a likelihood that audit may not be able to identify that offence. So people will still like to play games with it,” he said.

The A-G therefore called for the protection of the public fund, stating that “when we have detected abuse of public funds and collected it, that should not end there, we need to punish the offenders.”

He announced that there was a team in place to audit all road and building construction projects.

Mrs Diana Yarboi, the President of the 2013 Year Group of the ICA – Ghana, said they thought it necessary to organise the programme because, according to her, there was a link between the work of the AG and that of the SP.

Mr Christian Sottie, the President of the ICA – Ghana, said the AG’s decision to establish a Construction Audit Unit was a laudable idea.


Source: GNA

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