ATV Launches ‘Stop the Filth Now’ Campaign

Amansan Television (ATV), a subsidiary of GN Media of Groupe Nduom has today [Wednesday, March 21, 2018] launched an aggressive sanitation campaign against filth to educate Ghanaians on the critical need to change “our negative attitudes towards the environment.”

The campaign against filth christened ‘Stop The Filth Now,’ a long-term initiative by ATV, is equally aimed at impressing upon the powers-that-be to ‘enforce all the sanitation bye-laws now and not within the shortest time.’

This action when implemented, Channel Manager (CM) of ATV, Michael Kunke, stressed, will impact positively on the rather negative attitudes of Ghanaians towards the environment.

He opined that it should be possible for the country to promote the use of recyclable paper bags, as it has been done in many countries in the world.

“Yes, I know our politicians will say easier resort to recyclable. But let’s not forget that just as I still hold dear my memories of bathing in the Fosu, and going home with some mpetewa [type of fish], I know we each have some memories we hold dear from our love with the environment, let’s not deprive our children the same relationship with the environment just like we did,” said Mr Kunke.

According to the ATV channel manager,” it is regrettable that Ghana is drowning in garbage”

‘We as citizens are quick to point fingers at government and blame them for failing to provide this or that. But the question is; have we as citizens looked at our attitude towards the generation of filth? We litter everywhere, and this has to stop. We at ATV know this will not happen overnight,’ Mr Kunke averred.

In this regard Mr Kunke called on Ghanaians to come together and ‘stop the fight now.’

Vice President, Business Development and Finance, Groupe Nduom (GN), Dr Nana Kweku Nduom, who chaired the event, implored Ghanaians to think of practicable ways of dealing with filth in the country.

And as part of measures to ensure that ‘our environs are clean,’ he proposed that “we adopt the approach of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle”.

This approach, he said, must be started in schools where pupils and students should be encouraged to put plastics into bins placed at vantage points

He commended ATV team for the initiative and urged Ghanaians to participate actively in the campaign.

Greater Accra Regional Coordinator, National Disaster Management Organisation, Archibald Cobbinah, underscored the need to sentence especially sanitation offenders to community service.

In his estimation, handing jail sentences to sanitation offenders was not serving any purpose.

“For me, our sanitation courts must sentence offenders to one-three months community service such as cleaning the gutters and where they committed their offences,” he suggested.

Such a method will no doubt deter others from littering indiscriminately, he averred.

For his part, Member of Parliament (MP) of Manso Adubia in the Ashanti Region, Hon Yaw Addo Frimpong, entreated commercial drivers and their ‘mates’ to advise their passengers against throwing waste through the windows of their cars.

He commended ATV for the initiative, and asked them to cast their net wide by collaborating with other media entities and private organisations to ensure a sustainable and impactful campaign.

“In my view if its possible we should declare a state of emergency against filth and this should be done through a legislation for the entire country to know the gravity of the filth situation in this country”,  he said.

Hon. Addo Frimpong also advocated for a re-orientation of Ghanaians so far as environmental cleanliness was concerned.

Assembly woman for Kokomlemle West, Greater Accra Region, Hon Elizabeth Adomako, hammered on the fact that “we must all change our attitude towards the environment to make Ghana clean and healthy”.


Among those who graced the occasion were the Head of Corporate Affairs, Jospong Group of Companies, Sophia Lisa, Volta River Authority (VRA) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, Volta River Authority, Sam Fletcher, and other GN managers.


Story: Ato KEELSON

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