ATV, BTA begin full operations nine months after fire

Amansan Television (ATV) and Business Television (BTA), both subsidiaries of Groupe Nduom, have begun full time operations with exciting programmes nine months after  fire gutted both stations at their former offices.

Equipped with brand new state-of-the art gadgets to deliver thrilling and exciting programmes, both stations are poised to set exceptional standards to the viewing pleasure of their followers within Ghana and beyond.

Michael Kunke, Channel Manager, ATV

The BTA channel which is free to air on digital and satellite through its rebranded and enriched programmes will bring to viewers programmes such as the Business Clinic, E-Biz, Enterprising Women, the CEO’s Chair and GN Files to promote local and foreign entrepreneurs, professionals and the general business community in Africa.

In line with its vision of providing quality business programmes by using technology to advance the economic growth to improve the quality of life for Ghanaians, BTA will offer analytical programmes and business documentaries to aid in decision making within the business space to make right choices.

The documentaries will highlight business challenges and opportunities and also expose the ills of society while the channels’ magazine programmes will deal with industry and other business players within the business environment.

ATV also promises  to bring to viewers the best local content on the local scene.

Currently transmitting to viewers in five local languages, ATV has assured viewers of including all local languages in order to reach out to their audience across the country.

With rebranded programmes like Me de3 Na 3y3 d3, As3m Yi Di Ka, and Anopa bosuo, ATV is once again poised to take broadcasting to a different level.


Story: Gottlieb BAAKO

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