Asigri The Scapegoat!


Forced to resign or willful resignation? This constitutes a major conundrum in the on-going saga of whether the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Youth Authority (NYA) was sacked from his position or he willfully resigned as the boss of the Authority. 


Many Ghanaians are worried why Asigri alone is being made to pay the ultimate price when indeed majority of the board members of NYA are deeply involved in many corrupt practices at the Authority.


Sleuth intelligence picked suggests that many of the NYA board members have constituted a ‘chop-chop’ cabal that is milking the NYA dry and with impunity.


These board members demanded between GH200,000 to GHC300,000 from the beleaguered CEO as severance package for their two-year stewardship at the NYA.


The demand package is in anticipation that even if their tenure is not renewed at the end of the year, they would have walked away with a heavily loaded severance pay cheque.


With the Akufo-Addo administration reeling under many corruption allegations and untold hardships, government, this paper gathered, is prepared to go any haul possible to nail Asigri.


The move is part of an attempt to assuage the pain of many Ghanaians who are disillusioned over Akufo-Addo’s fight against corruption.


In that dire desperation, this paper discovered that the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, is even being alerted to pick up the issue.


Think tank, Imani Ghana, last week came bold that the Akufo-Addo government was far worse than the immediate past administration when it comes to the fight against corruption.


Imani Ghana President, Franklin Cudjoe, justified his assertion in a Facebook posting thus: “We mocked the previous administration for ‘funny’ initiatives such as “Youth in Potholes Filling” and kicked it out. Then the new administration took the ‘funny’ polished it and gave it a light with “Training Youth In Streets Light Repairs.” Mr Cudjoe was reacting to Emmanuel Asigri’s resignation.


One government insider hinted Today: “We are prepared to set a perfect example with the Asigri case in order to restore back the confidence of Ghanaians in our fight against corruption as we promised prior to the 2016 election.”


Today discovered from further investigations that the decision to leak the Asigri story to the Jubile House-controlled Daily Statesman was part of the grand-scheme by government to offer Asigri as a sacrificial lamb to appease many agitating Ghanaians some of who are dye-in-the-wool NPP supporters, sympathisers  and members.


Earlier report suggested that the Chief of Staff at the Presidency, Akosua Frema Opare, had caused for the dismissal of Emmanuel Asigri as the Head of the NYA.


A little later media reports suggested that Emmanuel Sin-nyet Asigri willingly resigned from his position. So what might have necessitated either the Frema dismissal order or Asigri’s voluntary resignation, especially at the backdrop that willful resignations are not a part of the Ghanaian public office holder?


The resignation order from the Chief of Staff, Today gathered, was necessitated by a petition by a whistle-blower and a member of the NYA board, one Emmanuel Boateng, who tendered in his resignation over what he described as “real issues” at the Authority.


The said Emmanuel Boateng, Today’s investigations established, was the eye of the presidency within the NYA.


It later emerged that Boateng resigned over allegations that the NYA boss had engaged in some fraudulent procurement procedures.


The order for Asigri’s resignation will, therefore, ensure a flawless and non-interfered investigation by the Public Procurement Authority (PPA).


Typical of such matters involving Ghanaian officials, Asigri also thought his voluntary resignation will somehow lead to a “natural death” of the issue. How wrong his calculation may be!






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