ARMED ROBBERS ON THE PROWL *Two action-packed day robberies occur same day in Accra

It’s now obvious that the country’s security apparatus is on a long sleaze and simply lax on their core mandate of protecting Ghanaians and by any stretch, securing the territorial integrity of the country. Perhaps they are contendexhibiting their robust and brute character on poor innocent civilians than to square off with rogues within the system.

That armed robbery cases are no longer acts of the dark was once again witnessed in the open glare of onlookers and other pedestrians, ironically at the very forte of one of the country’s security agencies-the Police Headquarters.

The movie-like action of the said armed robbers was as if to remind the police command that they no longer find them (the police) a threat to their gun, machete wielding business.  There have been reports of such spectacle of armed robbery in some parts of the country, but what was enacted near the Police Headquarters on Wednesday, June 9th, was a well-rehearsed act that taking away the pain, would have passed for brilliant piece bravery and artwork.

There were these two armed men on a motorbike. They broke into a forex bureau just very close to the Police Headquarters on the Ring Road-Kwame Nkrumah Circle to Osu in Accra. It was a broad daylight and the daring two just invaded the bureau and made away with unspecified sums of money.

The paper could not establish the exact amount of money stolen by the robbers. A video of the action-jammed robbery, currently circulating offer a graphic presentation of the well-rehearsed burglary. In the viral video, the two robbers raided the forex bureau and just a matter of minutes, managed to flee on their motor-cycle amid the firing of gun shots.

The police on traffic duties stood in awe as the robbers mastered through the huge traffic with their motor-cycles. The warning shots did not only scare commuters, but also some of the police on traffic duty and other private security guards of businesses around and in the vicinity.

The security person guard at the forex bureau was in utter shock perhaps not only with the courage and confidence exhibited by the robbers, but also how they could be that daring at such day light robbery. He thus stood dumbed and shocked as the robbers rode past him.

He was not the only security person that the robbers even refused to acknowledge his presence, the very first police officer, the armed robbers encountered, while driving away was also consumed in shock watching what might have seemed to him as an action movie.

An eyewitness was shocked that the armed robbery occurred at the police headquarters and with all the alarm raised none from the police offices could pursue the robbers. The respite though, was the fact that no casualty was recorded either at the forex bureau or any of the bystanders.

On the same day, however and in Accra, another robbery case was recorded at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra. In that robbery a 34-year-old man, who was robbed was also shot in the stomach. The robbers might have tracked their victim who eventually accosted him at the Pig Farm roundabout where they asked him (victim) to surrender all his valuables, including money.

It was through the ensued heckling melee that he was shot by the robbers who immediately fled the scene. The unidentified victim is however receiving treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.



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