Archbishop Porter Girls Best SHS in W/R

Archbishop Porter Girls’ Senior High (APGSS) has been adjudged the school with the best West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results in the Western Region.


Out of 308 candidates the school presented for the 2011 WASSCE, 234 candidates had quality passes in all eight (8) subjects while 73 passed in seven (7) subjects and one (1) candidate passed in six (6) subjects.

Speaking at the schools 46th Speech and Prize-Giving Family Day, Headmistress of APGSS, Madam Louisa Aggrey, said that her outfit being guided by divine providence has been in flight surging for a matchless and total education that will exhibit perfection regardless of whatever impediments it has in its way.

She added that 302 out of the 308 candidates presented qualified for straight entry into the universities while two (2) qualified for other tertiary institutions.

This, the headmistress added, gives a clear 98.1% qualification into tertiary institutions.

She gave the breakdown on the statistics of the total percentage passes in all the twenty-five (25) subjects the school offers is as follows.

(Physics, Chemistry, Biology, CRS, Economics, Geography, Elective French, Literature, Business Management) – 100%, (Accounting, Costing, General Arts, Graphic Design, Picture Making, Ceramics) – 100%, (Management in Living, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Integrated Science, English Language, Social Studies) – 100%, Elective Mathematics – 99.0% and Core Mathematics – 98.6%.

According to her, the theme for this year’s celebration, “Harnessing Available Resources with Virtues to Enhance Quality Education” is in keeping with the school’s vision and mission.

Madam Aggrey intimated that the school is continually looking forward to giving its young ladies the perfection and fineness that will reflect in their entire behavior at home, work place and the communities when they pass out of the school into the world.

She however intimated, that the assembly and the dining halls of the school was too small for even normal gatherings and called on the contractor working on its expansion to speed up efforts to complete the projects as soon as possible.

She mentioned compact compound and lack of access route to newly built classroom block as challenges of the school.

Guest Speaker for the occasion, Miss Gertrude Bibi Annoh-Quarshie, said that to enhance quality education, the conditions of service of the teachers have to be improved with the necessary incentives to enable them to be more committed to teaching.

According to her, the cost of education to government is significant whereas to individuals and families are a strong disincentive, and even where the resources are available politics, corruption and inadequate information continue to slow the achievement of success.

She stressed that parents should support and encourage their children, spend more time with them, visit them at school and let them know that they believe in them.

The guest speaker told the students to stay in school, pay attention to their teachers, study hard, challenge themselves and take full advantage of every opportunity they have.