A/R tops NHIS MRA *After role put in Dec 2018



Ashanti Region of Ghana has topped the list of Mobile Renewal Authentication (MRA) which was rolled out by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in December 2018.

The region responded very positively to the roll out by the NHIS much to the admiration of authorities.


The Deputy Chief Executive Officer in-Charge of Operations of NHIS, Dr Lydia Dsane-Selby, who disclosed this commended officers as well as clients in the region for what she called a great inspiration.


Speaking at the recently held NHIS Stakeholders’ Engagement, Dr Dsane-Selby announced that 451,845 people used the newly created Mobile Renewal Authentication from the Ashanti Region.


This, she explained, meant that many of their clients in the region were interested in renewing their NHIS cards through the use of mobile phones which to her, showed a reduction of the long queues usually seen at their district offices.


The newly introduced system works efficiently with mobile money banking platform that allows clients to make appropriate payments to renew their membership.


The initiative, according to Dr Dsane-Selby, is the beginning of a total digitalisation of the system for enrolling new members unto the NHIS, urging healthcare providers to take advantage of the current NHIS E-claims software to speed up processing of claims.


Plans are underway she announced, for the NHIA to institute a fully electronic claim system to enable swift claims submission, processing and payments.


“This system will ensure efficiency in NHIA claims administration leading to a more sustainable National Health Insurance Scheme,” she stressed.


One particular characteristic about NHIS district offices before the introduction of the Mobile Renewal Authentication was the long and winding queues always seen there.


There have been several instances of people having to go home after queuing for several hours and to return the next day because the office had to close for the day.


This became a major source of worry not only for the clients but officers as well since they mostly overworked themselves due to the huge presence of clients awaiting service.



Story: From James APPIAKORANG JNR.,





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