Another Landslide! *On Aburi Road

As of press time yesterday, there was indication of another landslide on Peduase-Ayi Mensh on the Accra-Aburi road.


The situation compelled the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) to close the Peduase-Ayi Mensah road to vehicular traffic as a result of the landslide on the stretch.


In a statement, GHA said motorists have been advised to use the Dome-Kitase- Berekusu road as an alternative.

“The Ghana Highway Authority announces for the information of motorist that the Accra bound carriageway, the lane from the Peduase Lodge to Ayi Mensah on the Accra-Aburi road has been closed to vehicular traffic.


The Peduase Lodge to Ayi Mensah section of the road has suffered some slope failures and rock falls which invariably affect the existing halfway. The slope has been assessed to have the potential for further rock falls and slope failures,” the statement said.


Later, the police also confirmed the landslide in a Facebook post, saying NADMO and other police officers were at the scene.


“Another landslide has occurred on the Peduase-Ayi Mensah road. It is intended that the road might be closed to prevent casualty and further occurrence as there are marks in the rocks. Police Highway and NADMO are at the scene. Further development would be communicated, please,” the Police said in the post.


A few days ago, the police similarly created a diversion and urged drivers to be cautious, following a landslide on that stretch.


The government initiated road works on sections of that stretch in 2016 to put a steel mesh over the slope to be held by anchor bolts.


The project was estimated at GH¢12 million.


The Peduase Lodge-Ayi Mensah road was constructed along the Aburi hills to connect the Accra to the Eastern Region.


It would be recalled that two weeks ago a heavy downpour caused a landslide on the south-bound lane of the Aburi to Accra road. And in its wake loads of motorists were left stranded.


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