Angry man blasts ‘corrupt’ cops [Video]

A video has gone viral showing a man visibly annoyed at police officers collecting bribe from drivers on the road.

The one-minute video was taken at an unknown location by a passenger occupying the back seat of the same vehicle of the displeased unidentified man who sat at the front next to a driver.

The officers were accused of collecting GHC2 from a driver.

“…one day I will arrest you people. One day when I’m angry and I’m driving and I see these things, I will just put you in my car and I will arrest you. When will you stop this nonsense; when? Ghana must change with you people (police)”.

The two male officers, embarrassed by the unmasking of their unprofessional behavior could be heard faintly in the video pleading with the incensed man, telling him to “exercise patience”.

But he was not done with them yet.

“If you catch me and I’m wrong take me to court, don’t be collecting GHC2.00.  You have passed two cedis; take 10 cedis, 20 cedis and 50 cedis. What is two cedis for you people? You should change your attitude, change your attitude; police people change!

“Ghana will never move on if you people are collecting 2 cedis, 2 cedis and these foolish drivers will give it to you and be committing crime. Change because change has come,” he echoed the 2016 campaign mantra of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

After getting that off his chest, the man then ordered his driver “to drive on; let’s go”.

A survey conducted by the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) in 2017, named the Ghana Police Service among the most corrupt institutions in Ghana.

The survey, which sought to access the understanding of citizens on corruption, their perception and actual experiences also named the Judiciary, Driver Vehicle and Lisencing Authority (DVLA) and political parties among the most corrupt entities in the country.

According to the survey, the majority of Ghanaians identified only bribery, embezzlement and fraud as forms of corruption. But are split on whether nepotism is an act of corruption.

On the other hand, the respondents did not consider a conflict of interest, abuse of discretion and payment of facilitation fees as forms of corruption.

The survey also indicated that nearly two-thirds of respondents believed that corruption was on the rise at the time of the survey.

Watch video below:

Story: News Desk

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