‘Anger over Oti Region ‘misplaced’

Omanhene of the Kadjebi Traditional Area, Nana Ogyeabour Akompi Finam II, has described as misplaced a recent protest against the creation of a new region from the Volta Region to be called Oti Region.

“I have in recent times heard and watched events with disdain purposed to derail steps following the acceptance and execution of an overdue request for the creation of the proposed Oti region. One such event was two demonstrations held in Ho and Sogakope respectfully.”

“It is worth emphasizing that, the recent demonstration held in the Volta Region is highly misplaced,” he said in a statement.

The Kadjebi Omanhene argued that the yet- to- be created region, which will have eight districts, will open up that part of the country to development.

“I wish to state that, the creation of this region which covers a landmass of 52% with a balanced population and eight districts out of 25 districts plus municipals of the Volta region is for development purposes only,” he said.

The Commission of Inquiry set up by the President to look into petitions and proposals for the creation of some new regions in the country is on the verge of concluding its work after which it will make recommendations to government.

But some people have agitated against the creation of some of the yet- to- be created regions including the Oti Region.

Two separate demonstrations had been held in Ho and Sogakope respectively in protest of the new region creation.

The demonstrators had insisted that creation of the Oti Region is not necessary.

The protestors in a petition which was signed by 140 aggrieved persons said it was their considered opinion that the creation of new regions and districts continuously fragmented the country along ethnic and tribal lines which do not promote harmony but leads to mistrust and disunity among people of the same state.

But the Kadjebi chief in the statement called on the aggrieved residents in the Volta Region to support the creation of the Oti Region.


Source: News Desk

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