Amissah-Arthur jabs Hawa Koomson over budget ‘mistake’ explanation

Former Vice-President Paa  Kwesi Amissah-Arthur says  he does not believe there was any mistake in the controversial GHS1billion budget of the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives, as explained by sector minister Mavis Hawa Koomson.

In the ministry’s budget, which was approved by parliament, 275 ambulances will be procured at a unit cost of GHS354,750 totaling GHS97,556,250.

Fifty warehouses would be constructed at a unit cost of GHS1,652,469 totaling GHS82,623,480.

Also, 1000 solar-powered mechanical boreholes would be constructed at a unit cost of GHS132,000 totaling GHS132,000,000.

Additionally, 1000 “water closet institutional toilets with mechanised boreholes and solar panels” would be constructed at a unit cost of GHS187,000 totaling GHS187,000,000.

Fifty micro-enterprises would also be constructed at a unit cost of GHS550,000 totaling GHS 27,500,000.

Ms Koomson explained that the GHS800,000 allocation for the website was a mistake.

She further explained  It was rather GHS80,000.

However, Mr Amissah-Arthur told told journalists on Saturday, December 30, 2017 in Cape Coast that: “The explanations I am getting, I don’t accept them because even if it was a mistake, the total should have reflected that but that is not the case.”

To him, technocrats at the Ministry of Finance should be blamed for the bloat.

“If they did not do their work well, I will not excuse them”, he said.


Story: Edward BLAGOGEE


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