AMA this is good but…

THE back page of the state-owned newspaper, Daily Graphic, on Friday, May 11, 2018 had a very interesting but significant story.  The story, which had the headline:“AMA arrests 14 for engaging in open urination, defecation,’ made very interesting reading because fourteen people had been brought before the La Sanitation and Motor Court for the alleged offence of open defecation, urination.

THE news item continued that the accused persons were arrested following an exercise by an Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) task force at the Jamestown and Korle-Gonno beaches and its environs.

AND speaking to Daily Graphic the Head of Operations at the Public Health Department of the AMA, Mr Randolph Benjamin, affirmed that the exercise was part of measures put in place to curb the poor sanitation in the national capital, Accra.

INDEED we at Today find the story interesting because our city authorities are making sure that people do not indulge in indiscriminate dumping of refuse and open defecation.

BEFORE we proceed, it’s important that we all as citizens understand that the practice of open defecation and urination fall foul of the law.  If this understanding is deeply ingrained in our minds and that one will suffer consequences when violated then we believe that we will be making headway in our quest to eliminate poor sanitation in this country.

BUT what has been the practice? Oftentimes people engage in indiscriminate dumping of refuse and open defecation and go scot-free.  For us at Today we believe that we must all get involved in uprooting this bad canker.

THAT, therefore, means that we immediately report such persons to the appropriate quarters for the law to deal with them accordingly.  That sitting on the fence and doing nothing when we see such punishable offence(s) will only encourage some more recalcitrant citizens to carry on with such backward practice!

WHILE Today commends the AMA for working hard to ensure that our national capital is clean, residents especially those of us in Accra, must acknowledge that keeping the city clean is a shared responsibility and not one exclusive to the government.

MORESO, we must bear in mind that with the rains falling, cholera is lurking in the darkness, waiting for people to choke the gutters with their refuse so it can strike innocent citizens with its poison.

THIS is the more reason we must all play our part to ensure that our national capital and environs are always clean.  For a healthy population contributes immensely to high productivity!

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