Alarm Blows: CDG-GH Raises Red Flag Over Credibility Of EC’s Biometric Verification Devices

The Caucus for Democratic Governance Ghana (CDG-GH) has raised alarm over the credibility of the new Biometric Verification Devices (BVDs) to be used for the upcoming December elections.

According to the group, more worrying still is that the BVDs of the Electoral Commission (EC) are reported to have been compromised.

According to press release by the Executive Director of CDG-GH, Dr E. K. Hayford, “Optically the devices look the same. They are however two different functional BVDs based on the activated and deactivated processes”.

First type of device

In the first type of BVDs, the verified voters are not deleted or not cleared to zero; the stored data is protected when the RESET button is pressed.

So anyone who got verified and passed to vote is properly captured, even after RESETTING the Verification device, according to him.

Second type of device

Dr Hayford explained: “In the second type of the BVDs however, the data is completely deleted when the RESET button is activated.

This means, people who got verified and voted early in the day, can return in the afternoon to get verified and to vote again when the reset button is activated”.

Any time the BVDs are RESET, those who got verified earlier and did vote, can come to the polling station and vote again, he stressed.


“The differentiation makes it possible for polling stations of governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) strong hold to have the second type of BVDs that allows the data to be cleared after deactivation and activation processes.

This means, if the agents of political parties are not VIGILANT, those who have already gone through verification, can come again to vote”, he alleged.

Indelible Ink

In much the same way, there will be two types of indelible ink; one that can easily be washed off and another that cannot be easily washed off.

Dr Hayford therefore called on the EC to come clear on this BVD issue and to allow IT experts of IPAC to scrutinize and examine all the BVDs machines to ensure credibility.

Political events leading to the 2020 elections

Oblivious of these critical political events, the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is reported to have expressed confidence that the EC will conduct credible, free and fair elections without flaws.


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