Africa must wean itself from aid!

THE Akufo-Addo administration is strongly pursuing a Ghana Beyond Aid agenda.  The object of this agenda as we have been made to understand by the current administration is to enable Ghana wean itself off aid and grants advanced countries and be able to independently build a vibrant economy, which benefits will inure to the good people of this country.

INDEED, well-meaning Ghanaians and the international community have lauded the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ agenda.  And for us at Today, it is an agenda that we must all support the government to succeed, especially considering the fact that some of these aid and grants come with conditionalities and strings.

A prosperous Ghana without aid will definitely give the country huge leverage to negotiate when it comes to international trade.  It is something that it is not possible to achieve.

DEFINITELY when we set our minds at it and put in enormous efforts that agenda will be a success.  It is in the light of the above that Today adds its voice to the call by the youngest African billionaire, Mr Ashish Thakkar, on African countries to wean themselves from aid from Europe and America.

OBVIOUSLY, our overly reliance on aid from the advanced countries is what is contributing largely to our under-development.  There are lot of items that African countries can leverage on.

AND critical amongst them is our rich natural resources.  Many African countries are endowed with enormous rich natural resources.  However, many of these rich-endowed natural resources African countries have not utilised these resources well enough to the benefit of their citizenry, a situation that has accounted for the mass poverty in Africa.

IN the case of Ghana, though we are blessed with some rich natural resources including gold, diamond, bauxite, manganese, oil, cocoa tec., many of our communities remain poverty-stricken.

ACCORDING to the youngest African billionaire, “we are living in interesting times.  This is our time.  We have six fastest growing economies, we have a larger economy than India.  This is our time, but we are misunderstood.”

YES, it is difficult to comprehend why with all these rich natural resources on the African continent, poverty still reigns high in many African countries.  This is where African countries must seize the moment and ensure that we pursue policies like the Ghana beyond Aid to ensure that our growth and development are not held to the strings of aid and grants, which at the end do not benefit us as a people.

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