Adonko CEO Nominated for top award by EBA


One of Ghana’s top entrepreneurs, Dr Kwaku Oteng, has been nominated among top business leaders across the globe for an Achievement and Recognition Award organised for top 100 owners and influential company owners whose activities have affected their countries of origin positively.


He was nominated for the award for his influence and contribution to Ghana and the world as a whole as the EBA (Europe Business Assembly), which identified his brand of ADONKO, was enthused about how he managed to grow his brand within the shortest space of time, as the best and well patronised alcoholic beverage.


The award was to identify and promote the best regional companies and institutions and their leaders because of their effective professional activity, contribution to the development of national economics, business, culture, science and education, medicine and healthcare.


According to the organisers, the award is a demonstration of successful cases of introduction of modern technologies, innovations and equipment; assurance of the availability of European professional development programmes for company executives and professionals from dynamically developing regions; and, creation of international register of leading regional companies and organisations.


According to them, the project and its results are announced to people from 54 countries and awareness will receive international recognition, promotion of career and professional development.


Project participants will receive special diplomas and exclusive European awards.


Dr Oteng is among the top 100 entrepreneurs selected from Canada, USA, UK, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Switzerland, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, China among other countries.


The awards ceremony will be held alongside an Achievements Forum.


According to the organisers the Achievements Forum, it is a unique platform for international business and professional communication, sharing of the best practices in managing companies, institutions and cities, as well as promoting goods and services, and the opportunity for a comprehensive improvement of any business processes.


The event is an authoritative multicultural platform for fresh thinking on the CEO’s role in companies’ achievements and regions’ development, investing in progressive regions, territories and businesses.


This forum will be aimed at successful innovative businesses and companies, economic development agencies, regional infrastructure and finance professionals, as well as lead regional higher institutions, highlighting these target audiences as the essential aspects of the modern progressive social structure.


Story: Kwamena ANANSE


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