Accra is still dirty!

EARLY last year (somewhere in 2017), the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo made an avowal that by the end of his tenure in 2020, the national capital, Accra, will be the cleanest city in Africa.

AND as it was reported, this is what the President said: “The commitment I want to make, and for all of us to make, is that by the end of my term in office, Accra will be the cleanest city on the entire African continent. That is the commitment I am making.”

MANY a good number of Ghanaians took the President’s statement with a pinch of salt, especially against the backdrop of such many pledges, which did not even solve half of the capital’s waste problems.

PERHAPS they are right!  Especially when there are no concrete measures by the Akufo-Addo administration towards tackling the poor sanitation in Accra head on.  And more so when the sanitation problems in Accra continue to worsen with each passing day.

WELL, it is a good thing that for the first time we have a government that has set up a sanitation ministry.  But the question remains: what has been the impact so far of this ministry?  Obviously, there is very little to show.

OF course these are early days, looking at the point that the President made the pledge within the space of exiting office—2020.

THIS is where Today is excited at the handing over of 500 new skip trucks to various metropolitan, municipal district assemblies (MMDAs) by waste management giant, Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL).

THIS fleet of waste management trucks will, no doubt, complement government’s efforts in tackling waste in the national capital.

SO while commending Zoomlion for the gesture, we charge the beneficiary MMDAs to ensure that the trucks are maintained well to increase their life spans.

EQUALLY, it is important that we as citizens also adopt a positive attitude towards the environment.  This, we believe, will help improve our environs. We must always remember that sanitation is a shared responsibility and not a one-man business!


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