Aburi Mountains work to resume in August

Government has announced that it is working around the clock to ensure repair works on the Aburi Mountains resume at least within the next month.

The project on the Aburi road has stalled following the failure of the contractor, CST Limited, to meet the five-month deadline set by the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) to complete it.


Last year, the GHA announced the closure of the Accra-bound carriageway for five months from June 22 to November 19, 2016, to allow the contractor stabilise the slope and halt the fall of rocks.

This followed complaints from motorists that the road had become a danger to them as the rocks kept falling without warming.

One year after its closure of the Ayi Mensah-Aburi lane of the road, it has resulted in heavy traffic and deterioration of the Aburi bound side of the carriageway.

According to residents in the area, the development was affecting productivity as they spend a lot of time in traffic to and from Accra.

“We don’t know what happened because the contractor was working but stopped all of a sudden worsening the situation,” one resident told Joy News’ Favour Nunoo.

Some workers who have stopped working maintain equipment used in the construction of the hexagonal mesh over the rock have been destroyed.

The situation, according to reports, said was quite precarious as the rocks keep falling as the mesh cannot hold them in place.

The residents and other users therefore called for a different technology to deal with the falling rocks.

However, speaking to journalists, Deputy Roads Minister, Anthony Karbo, rejected claims that the project had been abandoned.

He said the government has been meeting with the contractors in an effort to provide what they need so work can resume at least, within a month.


Story: News Desk

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