Absa Bank Ghana Launches New Commercial Operations


The official ceremony to rebrand Barclays Bank into Absa Ghana Limited has been performed in Accra on Monday, February 10, 2020 with a promise to Ghanaians to bring the banking sector to a new light in the country.


This has attested to the fact that Barclays Bank Ghana Limited has changed its name after operations in Ghana for the past 103 years to Absa Bank Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of Absa Group Limited, after receiving all required regulatory approvals from the Bank of Ghana (BoG).


The name change marks the start of a new era for the bank’s operations as a forward-looking African bank with global reach.


“Today, we begin a new chapter as Absa Bank Ghana Limited, while we retain our 100-year heritage of indelible commitment to Ghana’s economic growth. Our new brand demonstrates our commitment to building a bank that is centred on growth for our people through the provision of financial resources, services and opportunities that connect their dreams to possibilities,” said, the Managing Director of Absa Bank Ghana Limited, Mrs Abena Osei-Poku.


The bank, which has been the most profitable in the industry for the past three years, is a major financier and contributor to key sectors of the Ghanaian economy, including agriculture, education, health, industry and infrastructure among others.


Under the Absa brand, the bank has reiterated its commitment to remain a significant player in the financial services sector and the country’s economic development.


“As one of Africa’s top three largest banks, backed by a large capital base and balance sheet, we will continue to play a leading role in Ghana’s development agenda while we remain focused on serving Ghanaians with quality groundbreaking financial services and safe investments for their hard-earned money. Our destiny is tied to that of our country and our commitment to Ghana is absolute,” said Mrs Osei-Poku.


The change to Absa will not cause any change in customers account details and the bank’s branches will continue to operate as usual. Barclays branded cards will continue to work as normal until their date of expiry.


Customers can also continue to use their Barclays chequebooks until 10 August, 2020 after which only cheques drawn on an Absa chequebook will be accepted.


“When we started this journey over 3 years ago, we took time to seek insights from our clients and stakeholders. We took to heart what they told us and set out to build a bank that partners them in innovative ways to bring meaning to their lives.


Ghanaians can look forward to stronger partnerships that drive sustainable growth and a brighter future for all,” Mrs Osei-Poku reiterated.


For his part, the Group Chief Executive of Absa Group, Mr Daniel Mminele, affirmed his outfit’s intention in expanding on programmes that will ensure the enterprise development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Ghana.


According to Mr Mminele, Absa Bank Ghana will focus on providing emerging SMEs with access to finance, products, services, and business opportunities.


“We will also continue to be a responsible corporate citizen, and Absa Bank Ghana, as a member of the Absa family, will give effect to our ambition to be a force for good in the societies we operate in, by continuing and expanding on programmes such as enterprise development.


Our enterprise development programmes focus on providing emerging, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with access to finance, products, services, and business opportunities. We will provide entrepreneurs with training, business development support, and access to markets. Last year 1, 100 entrepreneurs were assisted in either one or all of the ways I just mentioned,” Mr Mminele said.



“We are proud of our long and rich history in Ghana. Our strategic initiatives will continue to contribute to unlocking the country’s potential by supporting and investing in crucial developmental sectors in the national economy, such as trade, industry, agri-business, energy, and by supporting small-to-medium enterprises.


As the Absa Group, we are encouraged by Ghana’s efforts to improve the investment climate, as already demonstrated its ability to commit to a solid reform agenda, and remain positive about Ghana’s economic potential and the country’s role in Africa’s future,” he added.




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