51% Of Ghanaians Unaware Of Referendum’


More than half of Ghanaians (51 per cent) say they are not aware of the upcoming December 17, 2019 referendum on whether local government election should be made partisan or remain non-partisan, a new Afrobarometer survey by the CDD-Ghana has indicated.

However, men, the highly educated and elderly citizens above 56 years, are more aware of the referendum than women, citizens with less schooling, and the youth.

The survey also showed that a significant proportion of Ghanaians are either not likely to vote in the referendum, or “don’t know” whether or not they will vote.

6 in 10 Ghanaians (58 per cent) say they are likely to vote in the upcoming referendum, while a significant minority (29 per cent) is not likely to vote.

The Afrobarometer survey, which was conducted between September 16 and October 3, this year, across the country, sought the views of Ghanaians on Democracy, Elections and the December 2019 Referendum.

The December referendum seeks the opinion of Ghanaians as to whether local government election should be open to partisan political competition or not.

The Constitution also requires a minimum 40 per cent voter turnout for the referendum to be valid.

The 2019 survey, however, recommended the need for an intensified education of future elections and referendums by the Electoral Commission, policy makers, and civil society.




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