‘5000 people die yearly from diabetics’

Medical experts in the Central Region have called for drastic measures to stop the increasing rate of diabetes in the country.

The disease, according to the experts, has assumed an alarming proportion necessitating urgent steps to curb further infections.

Education on the disease, the doctors said,  “is poor as people still harbour misconceptions about the disease resulting in more infections”.

Speaking to journalists in Cape Coast, a Doctor with the Internal Medicine and Therapeutic Unit of the Medical School of the University of Cape Coast, Dr Emmanuel Amissah, explained that over 260,000 new cases of the disease have been recorded with about 5,000 deaths.

What he said makes the case worse was the fact that diabetes now kills more people than tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Three types of the disease, he added could be identified namely Type One which is found among children, Type 2 found among adults and the gestational one which is found among pregnant women.

He therefore called on the public to take their health seriously so that they do not fall victims to the disease.

He also mentioned some symptoms of the disease, which must be closely monitored in seeking early health care.

It includes weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination and uncontrolled thirst resulting in rapid intake of water among others.



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