‘3 months maternity leave not enough’


Radio personality and compere, AJ sarpong, has re-ignited the debate on the duration of maternity leave in Ghana.
She has challenged Ghana’s Labour Act which allows female workers 12 weeks (84 days) of maternity leave with full pay, saying the duration was not enough.

According to the TV host, who spoke in an interview at the 2019 Glitz Africa SHE Summit in Accra, the struggles with which working mothers who rush back to work after just three months of childbirth endure when they can work from the comfort of their homes when given more days off?

“I personally believe three months maternity leave is not enough, we (women) drop their kids at daycare and come back because we’re expected to be superwomen. We should be able to push the boundaries a little bit more in an acceptable way where both the employee and the employer is able to be beneficial,” she said.

“I believe in a point where we (women) can work from home and be able to be productive” she added.

The 2019 Glitz Africa SHE Summit took place at the Ecobank Head Office in Accra.

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