2030 FIFA World Cup… Spain, Morocco considering joint bid

According to an announcement made by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, Spain and Morocco are discussing the possibility of placing a joint bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup.

Africa and Europe could jointly host the World Cup if the plan was to be successful. The Spanish premier has already held talks with Morocco’s King Mohammed VI about the same.

If the bid was to be successful it would present the possibility of one of the most interesting World Cup showdowns there has ever been.

According to the Spanish primer, the bid will involve Portugal as well. The first joint hosting of the World cup was in 2002.

The tournament was hosted by Japan and South Korea, for the first time in Asia. The World Cup was also played for the first time on African soil when South Africa hosted the 2010 world cup.

A joint host by two continents will certainly be something FIFA officials would want to consider, giving there is always a controversy about biases in hosting.—Primer

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