2016 Hajj backlog to be cleared this year – Hajj Board

Prospective pilgrims who paid their monies but could not embark on the pilgrimage to Mecca last year due to flight challenges will be allowed to travel this year.

Chairman of the Hajj Board, Sheikh I. C. Quaye, who gave the assurance, said mechanisms have been put in place to clear the backlog of would-be pilgrims. Over 450 prospective pilgrims who paid their monies could not make last year’s Hajj pilgrimage due to unavailability of flights. Though the then National Hajj Board which was reported to have owed the airlines, promised to refund monies to the prospective pilgrims but if failed to do so.

But Sheikh I. C. Quaye has assured the affected would-be pilgrims of the opportunity this year. “It’s condemnable for pilgrims to pay money and then be left out and the money cannot be found till today…those who paid and were left behind and didn’t embark on the journey to perform the hajj, this year we shall carry them along with us” he assured.

The chairman disclosed this year’s pilgrims would be provided with meals on arrival at Medina. Meanwhile, MTN Ghana has constructed a hall for travellers.

The 90,000 cedis edifice will hold pilgrims upon their arrival at the airport. Two flights have been arranged to airlift about one thousand prospective pilgrims each day this year. Take-off will be from August 10 to August 21 from both the northern and southern sectors. Six thousand two hundred pilgrims from the across the country are expected to make this year’s pilgrimage.

Source: 3news

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