2 women found dead


The bodies of two middle-aged women were yesterday found dead near a stream and an uncompleted building at Abrepo, Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region.

Handbags full of condoms were found with the almost naked bodies of the two women, according to the Assemblyman for the Kokoso Asubonteng Electoral Area, Mr Amoako Asante Francis.

According to him, residents suspected the two were prostitutes.

Mr Asante Francis said none of the over 500 locals who converged on the scene of the crime could recognise the two bodies.

They, therefore, suspected the victims were not from the area but were murdered elsewhere and their bodies dumped at Abrepo.

The assembly said he received a call about the sighting of the bodies around 6:30 a.m. and immediately called the Police Commander, Mr Boampong-Asuabeng about it.

“So, I, too, quickly ran to the scene. When I came, we saw only one fair-coloured lady lying there, so, about ten, fifteen minutes [later], a certain guy wanted to make a call, so, when he stood somewhere around, he immediately saw there another woman lying inside the bush, so, we rushed to the scene and saw that there was  another woman who was also dead. So, in fact, it was very miserable, very bad”, he said.

“The first one is a fair-coloured woman and the second one is black in colour.

Later on”, he said, “We found out that their bags contained a lot of condoms, which tells me that maybe they are prostitutes because all their parts are there, no parts have been cut … but you can see that they are prostitutes”.

Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Elizabeth Agemang, visited the crime scene and described the incident as “very worrying and shameful” when she spoke to the media.

“I suspect, and everyone here is suspecting that these ladies were killed somewhere and they’ve been dumped here, they’re going to be sent to the mortuary”, she said.




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