US: A moron for president (2)

Ti-Kelenkelen with Yirenkyi Lamptey


And so the world owes the people of “the huts” of Africa and a “shithole countr[y]” infinite thanks for raising in Philip Emeagwali a properly-behaved young man, and an industrious one at that, so that as an adult he could discipline himself well enough to make such awesome contribution to the progress of humankind.

Closely related to the Internet is fibre-optic technology.  This technology is used to make the transmission lines of the Internet (laid across thousands of kilometres of ocean floors), the optic fibre, which is responsible for the contemporary speed of the Internet to deliver messages and other information materials instantaneously around the world irrespective of distance between sender and receiver.  And one of the four individuals responsible for that optic fibre plus its awesome capabilities is a man who as a young man emigrated from “the huts” of Africa, Thomas Owusu Mensah of Ghana.  His parents raised him well, as a disciplined young man and helped him nurture in himself the character and capability of highly-productive industry.  If for nothing else, the fact that Trump can indulge in his favourite hobby, sending his almost instantaneous tweets, means he (Trump), personally, (and then humankind) owes infinite gratitude to Thomas Owusu Mensah, who comes from “the huts” of a “shithole countr[y]” in Africa.

Where will today’s world be today if Emeagwali and Owusu Mensah had not been raised in “the huts” by the human beings in “shithole countries” and as young adults had not left “the huts” of Africa and emigrated to the US?  So, is emigration from “shithole countries” and “the huts” of Africa that bad for the US?  When Emeagwali and Owusu Mensah were leaving the shores of the “shithole countries”, who knew they would one day be great inventors making such awesome contributions to the progress of humankind?  Trump wished Norwegians rather would come to the US.  So we can ask: Can Trump compare the productivity of a million Norwegians who come to the US and live even very good lives to the excellence of an Emeagwali or an Owusu Mensah from a “shithole countr[y]”.  TI-KELENKELEN CHALLENGES PRESIDENT TRUMP TO ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS.

In fact, during his 2016 campaign, Trump is reported (by international news networks) to have said the people of some countries – certainly, including Mexico and El Salvador – only bring drugs and crime to the US.  Without defending any group of people of bad behaviour, one could ask where the mafia came from?  Is it not the European state of Italy?  Within the US the mafia’s careers include extortion, running gambling joints and prostitution rings (and so certainly participating in modern-day slavery of girls kidnapped from around the world), and; they are involved in international money laundering and banking fraud and even murders and assassinations.  Or Trump sees these acts as non-crimes simply because the intelligentsia of the US (and the West) chooses to describe the mafia crimes as organised crime?  When Trump indulges his ignorance and makes those moronic statements and pastes on other races what his (white) race also indulges in who is he fooling?  The Elders in “the huts” of Africa have an answer to that in Akan: “Wo [bu] Ananse [kwasia a,] [wo bu] wo ho [kwasia]” – When you fool Ananse, you fool yourself.

Talking about bringing drugs, the next time Trump wishes to talk about who brings drugs where he should first ask himself how drugs first entered African American communities of the country he is president of.  For about half a century now, the black caucus in the lower house of the US Parliament, Congress, have been trying to table a motion on how two Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operatives, whites, were the first to introduce cocaine into the black communities in the US.  (I suppose Trump does not know that.)  This worrying issue is one of the unofficial, untold stories that the white money-power establishment (of US) do not want tabled, for once the House accepts and discusses that motion it becomes official, documented, and written into US history.  In fact, the black, Latino, Jewish and Irish gangs are simply hard drugs retailers; the wholesalers include the white mafia and, as the black caucus motion shows, the CIA.

Talking about immigration, every white person in the Americas is the descendant of an emigrant or is an emigrant, so if Trump is so keen on sacking emigrants and descendants of emigrants from the US, let him be a role model by being the first to pack his own bags and depart to wherever his ancestors came from.  Talking about illegal immigrants, historically, who allowed the whites into the Americas; did they not shoot their way in with guns; are they not illegal immigrants who came by committing a crime against humanity.

Typical Trump Behaviour
Even before Trump was a year into his four-year term, 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts wrote a book titled The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.  In it they state that the US president needs psychiatric evaluation.  Then the president’s aides got psychiatrists to examine him and said he is okay.  Ti-Kelenkelen does not intend to comment on that except to point out that the 27 reached that conclusion (not from conducting a test but) from listening to and observing the general behaviour of Trump in the real world.
For example, the US Department of State will declare its position on an international issue and Trump will only come out and declare another position; he engages in one-on-one arguments with journalists and news networks that criticise his words or something he has done, and some of these arguments extend over days and weeks – it is as if he does not have press secretaries; on global issues he takes positions that appear to spring from ignorance and vacuous bravado, but close look reveals he is being childish simply to raise tension, etc.  In a nutshell, he is by job location a leader, but is childishly not behaving as one.
A case in point (of the last example given above) is the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Leading countries of the world (including China, from the EU and Saudi Arabia) are parties to the deal and affirm that they have put in place the right monitoring mechanism to ensure Iran sticks to a civilian nuclear programme; especially when there is no international law barring any country from having nuclear technology.  Yet Trump is ready to fight everybody on the matter by insisting on what even his own allies, the EU, says is not the reality on the ground.  He is, in principle, simply behaving like former US president, George W. Bush, and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who lied that Iraq had biological weapons when all those in possession of the truth – including US ambassador, Joseph C. Wilson, and UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan – kept telling them that that is false.

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