1000s turn up for free health screening at Asokwa

Over a thousand residents of the Asokwa Municipality turned up for a free health screening organised by an indigene of the area.

The patrons of the free health screening were screened for various diseases including Diabetes, Hypertension and Hepatitis B.

Dr Nana Yaw Boakye of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Department of Family Medicine, who organised the exercise, noted that it was his little contribution towards reducing the rampant mortality rate in the country.

He said he was always saddened to see or hear about the death of a young person, but even more saddened when on a follow up to the pathology unit he was told the causes were from diseases that could have been managed or healed.

As a medical practitioner, he knew he had a bigger and major role to play than what he does in his office, so he decided to start from his own community.

“After assessing everything, I realised I was in for a big exercise which would cost probably millions, ‘because I was looking at the whole Ghana, so in order not to kill the urge to help, I decided to start small and from my own Asokwa community,” Dr Yaw Boakye said.

One of the areas of the exercise which he said was dear to his heart was the counseling section they had added, ‘this is where we tell them why they feel the way they feel and why they should quickly consult the doctor or stop buying drugs from over the counter.”

He explained that going to a medical practitioner was more helpful than just going to recite how you feel for a chemist to give you some drugs without the appropriate scans, tests among others.

With regard to the causes of some of the common diseases that cause deaths, Dr Boakye called for concerted efforts from all Ghanaians to help keep the country clean since diseases like malaria and cholera increase in these times of continued rains and floods.

“Let us make sure there are no stagnant water in our surroundings, stop dropping garbage in drains, because it is one of the main causes of floods which bring about a lot of health challenges to our homes.

…I will also advice everyone to go for regular checkups to know our status because that helps us more and prolong our life span, thereby preventing shocking deaths,” he advised.

Patrons of the exercise who could not hide their appreciation to the KATH medical practitioner prayed for God’s blessings upon his life and his family, wishing other well-to-do members of the Asokwa municipality emulate same.



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