Of Xmas, New Year celebrations and police protection

Some of the tools used by the armed robbers


ON Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 the Ghana Police Service launched its sixth edition of “Operation Father Christmas” in Accra as part of measures by the state security agency to ensure public security.

“OPERATION Father Christmas,” since its inception in 2010, is a security arrangement usually rolled out by the police administration to fight crime before, during and after the end-of-the year celebrations.

WE know soon millions of people across the globe will join Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day—December 25, and also welcome the near year with various kinds of activities.

IN our part of the world where Ghana is no exception, it is during such festive occasions that crimes of different shades and sizes tend to soar.

MISCREANTS take advantage of the busy nature of the occasion including traffic in town, the crowds in the malls, the stores and markets, the number of people coming into cities and towns, the late night activities and many more to perpetrate their crimes.

THAT is why the Police Service announcement of its security arrangements for the protection of the public from now to the end-of-the-year celebrations is a very welcoming piece of news.

AT least it reposes confidence in the public that the police will be readily available to deal with criminals.

LAUNCHING the 6th “Operation Father Christmas,” the Director-General of the Ghana Police Service, Commissioner of Police (COP), Mr. Christian Tetteh Yohunu, gave Ghanaians a firm assurance of maximum security.

AND as part of the plan, he went on to announce that police personnel will be deployed to vantage locations to fight activities of criminals or persons with ill-intentions to commit crimes.

IT is good that we are being assured by the police administration of maximum security.

However, it is important that we as citizens also take proactive steps at protecting our families, loved ones and properties.

SOME of these steps include making sure our windows and doors are locked while going to bed, avoiding things that will invite criminals into our homes and alerting the police immediately of suspicious characters in our vicinities. In this vein we will effectively be helping the police in their fight against crimes.

ONE other thing that is normally associated with the celebration of Christmas and New Year in this country is the use of firecrackers. This has, oftentimes, come with its own attendant problems.

WHILE cautioning celebrants of this year’s Christmas and New Year against the use of firecrackers, we equally charge the police to be proactive in dealing with this kind of menace which poses high risks not only to users but the society at large.

ON that score Today seizes this opportunity to wish all our cherished readers, sponsors and business partners a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!

AND for those we wronged in our line of duty we can only ask for forgiveness and assure them of fair, balanced and objective reportage in the coming year—2017.

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