Theresa May ‘shed a tear’ at election exit poll

Theresa May has revealed she shed a “little tear” when she learned the result of the election exit poll suggesting she would lose her majority.

The prime minister said her husband Philip told her the news – and it came as a “complete shock”.

“It took a few minutes for it to sink in,” she told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Emma Barnett, because “we didn’t see that result coming”.

“My husband gave me a hug,” she added, and she cried a “little tear”.

The prime minister said she did not watch the exit poll herself, as “I have a little bit of superstition about things like that”.

She knew her campaign had not been “perfect”, she added, but all the indications she was receiving were that she would increase her Commons majority.

The election resulted in Mrs May losing her majority and having to do a deal with the 10 MPs from Northern Ireland’s DUP to ensure she could form a government.


Source: BBC

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