STATS BOSS UNDER FIRE …GSS workers angry at Grace Bediako

Credible information available to TODAY indicates that workers of the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) are completely furious with Government Statistician, Dr Grace Bediako.

The workers’ fury, the paper found out, stems from the reason that Dr Bediako has subtly employed what the workers described as ‘draconian tactics’ to worsen their already woeful conditions of service.

Dr Grace Bediako, Government Statistician
Dr Grace Bediako, Government Statistician

They noted that she hardly listens to them when it comes to matters that concern their welfare.

Speaking to TODAY on condition of anonymity, some of the workers said among some of Dr Bediako’s draconian tactics included frustrating workers, and eventually impressing upon them to resign.

“It is because of her open frustration of workers that has seen the resignations of the following senior officers: deputy government statistician, director of administration and deputy director of administration,” one worker recounted.

A bit of nosing around by these reporters at the corridors of GSS revealed deep seated and general apathy towards work by the staff members.

Although our source did not disclose this, Today’s findings further discovered that some of the workers have resolved not to give their best in this year’s nation-wide population census if their plights are not addressed.

The workers further indicated that the attitude of Dr Bediako towards them is one of total contempt coupled with the fact that she poorly relates to many of them.

“We can tell you that as a result of her poor human relations many census activities were withdrawn by some chief statisticians. And that also compelled a host of qualified personnel to resign,” indistinctly expressed by some of the workers.

The enraged workers told the paper that since Dr Bediako assumed office as Chief Executive of GSS, she has made no effort to improve upon their lot.

The paper gathered that promotions of workers have been delayed for the past 10 years with no tangible explanation.

The workers, who could not understand this action by their boss, are pretty hacked off at not being promoted, particularly those who have gone to further their education by acquiring first and second Degrees.

They disclosed that it was against this backdrop that they impressed upon her [Dr Bediako] to see to their promotion and other working needs.

Following their continuous agitations, Dr Bediako in a knee-jerk reaction last year in October conducted a nation-wide interview for over 100 GSS workers at its headquarters in Accra.

That interview, according to the workers, was to ensure that some of them who had upgraded their education at the tertiary level were put on proper scale so that they could enjoy all the benefits that come along with such investments.

But, seven months from now, the workers angrily expressed that nobody has been told the results of that interview.

“And despite our numerous pleas to the government statistician to have the results of the interview released she continues to keep a blind eye on the matter, pretending as if nothing ever took place,” a senior statistician bluntly told Today.

Besides, the workers contended that her domineering posture has severally resulted in the non-payment of allowances to workers on the census project.

“Instead, she prefers to contract consultants and pay them well whose outputs are nothing to write home about,” a worker stated.

The workers are therefore asking government to speed up the appointment of two deputy government statisticians.

They also warned that if the prevailing situation continues they will be left with no option than to take to the streets to protest against the harsh treatment meted out to them.

According to the irate workers, they have long been yearning to picket against the bossy attitude of their chief executive but have on numerous times been restrained by some of their senior members.

“This time around I can promise you that if our grievances are thrown overboard we will make our intentions openly clear to the entire nation,” the workers cautioned.

Efforts to get Dr Bediako to react to the story proved futile.


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