We salute our gallant farmers!

FIRST Friday of December in every calendar year is marked in Ghana as National Farmers’ Day. It is a day set aside and backed by law to celebrate our hard working farmers and fishers who continue to contribute hugely to the growth and development of the economy.


THUS, this past Friday, [December 01, 2017] was celebrated by the country as such.


IT is therefore in the light of the above that Today want to use this medium to salute and laud the efforts of Ghanaian farmers and fishers. The fact still remains that agriculture is the mainstay of Ghana’s economy. Agriculture employs a large number of the Ghanaian population.


AND though the sector plays an enormous role in Ghana’s economic growth, the fact is also that it has not realised its full potential.  There are still loads of Ghanaian farmers and fishers who still resort to the use of simple farm implements—like axes, adzes, mattocks etc.—to produce to feed the Ghanaian population and export the excess.


WHILST it is good to recognise and appreciate our gallant farmers and fishers, it is important that we also begin to tackle their needs to enable them deliver efficiently. There is no gainsay the fact that farmers and fishers in this country have challenges, yet nothing seems to be done by the powers-that-be about these problems.


TODAY many of our farmers and fishers still do not have storage facilities to store excess produce in times of bumper harvest.  This oftentimes results in farm produce going waste.


WHAT is worrying the more is that many of our farmers continue to depend on the rain. That is to say that in the event the rains fail to come down then there will be a big problem.  There is also the problem of bad and deplorable roads which situation makes it difficult for farm produce to be transported to the market centres.


WE on Today, therefore, state that it is about time we started to proactively assist our farmers and fisher-folks to ensure that they deliver optimally.

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