Another MP bugs office

There is glooming insecurity in the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP’s) administration after it came out over the weekend that Member of Parliament for Kumbungu and former National Youth Authority (NYA) Chief Executive Officer, Ras Mubarak, also clandestinely placed a tracking device on his official vehicle and office without informing the authority.

Current acting Chief Executive Officer of NYA, Mr. Emmanuel Asigiri, reveled this on Joy FM last at the weekend

According to him, he discovered the device after his vehicle was sent for servicing.

Mr. Asigiri wondered why the former CEO failed to inform officials at the Authority that he was bugging the state vehicle.

Mr. Asigiri was commenting on a recent revelation that former Lands and Natural Resources, Inusah Fuseinibugged his former office without the knowledge of his successor, Mr. John Peter Amewu.

The highly sensitive device is said to have the capability to pick a whisper 35 feet away.

The revelation angered many Ghanaians who thought the former Minister was monitoring the new minister of the highly sensitive public office.

The Lands and Natural Resources Ministry has been spearheading a vigorous clamp down on illegal mining activities in the country said to be financed by faceless, powerful individuals.

However, speaking on Newsfile, Mr. Asigiri said in March this year, barely a month into office, he also discovered the snooping device in his official vehicle – the same vehicle that had been used by the former NYA boss under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

“It is not only Inusah Fuseini who did this type of thing. I have suffered the same personally. My official SUV had a tracking in it and nobody in the authority knew until it created a problem for the vehicle.


“The vehicle won’t start. We tried all the things we needed to do, the vehicle won’t start. We brought experts from Toyota Ghana, they tried everything the vehicle won’t start,” he said.

According to him, it was after a critical study of the vehicle by the dealers that the device was found.

Ras Mubarak in a telephone interview admitted he placed the secret tracking device on the state vehicle.

He  however did  not say whether or not the device also had the capacity to secretly listen and record conversations.

“I had a tracking device in my official vehicle. I also had a security camera in my office,” he confessed.

According to Ras he had packed out of his office several months before the end of 2016 and that while he was leaving office, he ensured that all the security installations were removed.

“I had directed that the tracking device, which was [put in the vehicle] ostensibly for security measures was deactivated, but I haven’t been able to follow through because I had handed over,” he said.

“I had directed my driver to ensure that [the tracking device] was removed from the car,” he added.

He assured the acting NYA Chief Executive that he needs  not  to fear that his movements were being monitored.

“I can assure listeners and the acting Chief Executive that of the NYA that he will be the last person who’s movement I would like to monitor. There are too many bigger fishes in the NPP to want to track than somebody at the NYA,” he told Joy News.

The family before visiting the Tetteh Quarshie farms, hospital and family house, paid a courtesy call on the Chief of Mampong Akuapem, Osabirima Nana Kwame Otu Darte III.

Ultimate News’ Eastern Regional correspondent Kojo Ansah reported that the chief bemoaned the fact that the family of the famous cocoa farmer cannot even boost of a ten acre land of cocoa farms themselves.

He advised the foundation to consider going into cocoa farming if they truly want to revive the legacy of Tetteh Quarshie.


By Kofi Owusu Tawiah

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