The Planting for Food and Jobs Programme may Fail

The President of the Agric Chamber of Commerce, Phillip Abayori, has hinted of an imminent collapse of the planting for food and jobs programme, recently introduced by the current government.

Mr. Philip Abayori, speaking on Eezy FM’s Morning Edition, indicated that the unavailability of infrastructure for public good can cause a major setback for the programme. He lamented about the disabling conditions within the sector, “we have infrastructure that is for public good that normally we expect the state [to be] responsible for and those infrastructures will, normally, trigger private sector interest.”

“Though we are an agricultural country, we have to ensure that we have the needed infrastructure to be able to get the sector being vibrant for business, he added.” The planting for food and jobs programme was met with exciting reactions from the public, upon in its announcement. Like every other programme it is faced with some aged-long challenges numerous governments have failed to address.

He explained that the absence of infrastructure like roads to the hinterlands and irrigation has greatly stunted the growth of the agricultural sector. “Since independence, we have, as at today, tapped only 1% of our irrigation potentials”, he stated, “as compared to that of India – 51%, Egypt – 67% and Pakistan – 52%”.

He also mentioned the unavailability of inadequate financing for agriculture thus long term financing as another setback for the industry.

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