Parliament okays formula for composition of c’ttees  


Parliament has approved the formula for composition of membership of committees, parliamentary delegations and other parliamentary groups and associations.

The formula for the selection of members to any committee will be in the ratio of 169:106.

This formula is based on the number of Members of Parliament (MPs) each party has.

The current composition of the 7th Parliament is made up of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) which has 169 members, forming the majority, while the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has 106, thus forming the minority.

It took the House yesterday over one hour to  agree on the 169:106 formula as both majority and minority put forth heated argument as to whether the House should use the ratio of  61:39 or 169:106.

After back and forth argument, the Speaker, Rt. Hon Michael Aaron Ocquaye, stepped in before both sides came to terms with the 169:106 ratio.


Story by Franklin Asare-Donkoh

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