One for our departed colleague!

THE country is still in shock brooding over the gas blasts that occurred at the Madina -Atomic Junction, Accra, last Saturday.

THE sad incident is reported to have claimed seven (7) lives and left over one hundred and thirty-two (132) persons with various degrees of injuries and body scars.  Sadly, some of these scars will be permanent on the bodies of the injured.

UNFORTUNATELY, for those of us in the inky fraternity, a colleague of ours who was at the scene trying to take pictures for his news organisation tragically lost his life in the line of duty.  He was a member of the Flagstaff House Press Corps.

ACCORDING to reports, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, nearly broke down in tears when news reached him that a member of his press corps, Mohammed Ashiley of Net 2 TV located at Madina, Accra, was among those seven innocent Ghanaians who lost their lives on the day of the deadly gas explosion.

VERY sad to learn that one of us is gone!  And to the bereaved family, especially the mother, Madam Mary Sackey and the management and staff of Kencity Media, operators of Net 2 TV where our departed colleague was working, we fervently pray that God almighty will see them through these trying times.

THOUGH Mohammed’s life can never be replaced, we take consolation in the promise by the president to the bereaved family and work colleagues that he will ensure a befitting burial for the late Mohammed Ashiley. It is clear that President Akufo-Addo has been hard-hit by the news of the death of one the presidential press corps team.  This was clearly manifested when after hearing the news from the bereaved family he sorrowfully expressed: “It’s very painful; that is too bad.”

DEATH, and a sudden one as such for someone in his prime, is always painful.  It is even more devastating when the person dies in the line of duty.  It was a Saturday night and he could have been home relaxing with the family.  But instead, committed to his job, he jumped out leaving his phone and bag behind in the office just to quickly go and get shots for viewers of the television station.

ALAS, it was not to be.  He definitely was at the wrong place at the wrong time.   Instead of him joining the nation with his first-hand information and vivid videos to mourn a country stricken by a national disaster that night, we are rather mourning him.

TODAY joins the inky fraternity in Ghana to mourn our departed colleague.   It is sad for anyone to lose their lives in circumstances like this.  However, the Lord knows why Mohamed had to be at the scene at the time but did not run away as others did.  He felt a duty on his heart and a commitment to communicate vividly to Ghanaians and the world.

MOHAMMED Ashiley, your battle on earth has ended.  While we join in the many to console your Mother, the rest of the family and the Management and Staff of Net 2 TV, we ask for the Lord Himself to receive you and grant you eternal rest.  Rest in perfect peace.

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