OISL Int’l joins Akropong School For Blind to mark Int’l Day Of PWDs

Management and staff of Opportunity International Savings and Loans (OISL) organised a 5-kilometre health walk and spent the rest of the day with students and staff of Akropong School for the Blind to celebrate the International Day for Persons with Disability (PWDs).

School block before painting

According to the deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Samuel Afful, the aim of observing this day is to increase awareness and understanding of disability issues and offer staff of OISL the opportunity to interact with Persons with Disability (PWDs).

Mr Afful expressed admiration for the discipline exhibited by the students and lauded the efforts of the teachers and mentors for their selfless service.  He also assured the school that Opportunity International will continue to support persons with disability in diverse ways as it has been done over the years.

To mark the day, OISL repainted three blocks of the school and donated food items totaling GHC30,000 as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Assistant Headmaster, Mr Atsu Homadzi, receiving the donation on behalf of the school, expressed appreciation to OISL for the show of love and concern for the welfare of the students.

He reiterated that ‘disability is not inability’ as boldly inscribed on the wall of the assembly hall.  Rather, PWDs require empathy but not sympathy such that they should not be pitied but be provided with opportunities to enable them overcome their disabilities and become responsible citizens. Mr Homadzi appealed to other benevolent organisations for support.

School Chaplain, Reverend Afum Baah, was also full of praise for the prompt response of OISL to his appeal for a facelift of the school building.

Opportunity International Savings and Loans is the only financial institution that has a dedicated product specifically tailored for people with disability.  To date over 500 PWDs have benefited from the company’s concessional loan dubbed ‘empowerment loan’ across the country.  Opportunity International has been in collaboration with the Ghana Federation for Disability Organisations over the past four years supporting them in diverse ways to enjoy meaningful lives.


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