We need positive-minded people  

thinking-positiveTHERE is no gainsaying that some people’s life and achievements can impact the course of development. And it is in the light of that that people who are seen as role models in society must live exemplary lives so as to shape the course of development. The truth of the matter is that we cannot have a prosperous nation if we continue to think negative with the mindset that nothing better can come from Ghana.

WHILE we at Today do not dispute the fact that it is not easy in achieving success, we still believe that with the right attitude of mind and sheer determination, we can make positive things happen to the economy. We do not need too much to make this happen and since others have done it, we can also do it.

BUT the story is different in our part of the world where it is very disgusting and appalling to hear people who are considered as societal icons by virtue of their contributions towards national development are often found  making infantile comments at any least provocation. For instance, Ghana has been a victim of this syndrome and we think the earlier our leaders and the so-called role models put a stop to it the better for them and the country as a whole. Our leaders must be positive thinkers who will always work towards the dream of the country.

WHAT we should understand is that the much-talked about “American Dream” never came easy as the fore-bearers of America never allowed anything to dissuade them from pursuing their dream of becoming a powerful nation in the world. As we all know, the Americans now lead in everything in the world and this is the result of the good works of their leaders who positively thought about their country.

THE question therefore is: what prevents our leaders from applying same approach. The point is that they have what it takes to help build a strong Ghanaian economy. And it is against this backdrop that we on this paper have always maintained that until our leaders get the country’s priorities right, we will not be able to achieve our national goals.

IT is an undisputable fact that what has mainly accounted for the country’s numerous socio-economic problems has been the issue of leadership. Indeed, what we need is the right kind of leaders who can use the resources available to develop the country without too much complaints or excuses.

THOUGH the intentions of some of our past leaders were good and productive, such intentions failed to see daylight as those governments were toppled by the military, thereby making it difficult to implement such policies and programmes to the benefits of the citizenry.

IT is obvious that when we think positive and work towards it, there is absolutely nothing that can stop us from achieving our goals. We are currently suffering in every sector of the economy just because our line of thought has always been negative coupled with the “pull-him-down attitude.

THIS therefore makes it imperative for our leaders to conduct themselves well wherever they find themselves either on radio, TV or at any public forum. Their legacies must be safeguarded so that after they are gone their good works will speak for them. But if they choose to tread on unruly path, then we are afraid, how they will be remembered, especially by unborn generations.

THIS is why the spirit of tolerance is necessary in our democratic dispensation because without it, we will always be living like “cats and dogs” in our quest for a formidable democratic government. Our leaders must know that the youth are looking forward to them to step into their shoes after their exit in public life so they have a huge responsibility to make a positive impact in wherever they find themselves.


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