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On Tuesday, 6th December, 2016, Ghana’s newest private tertiary institution, Nduom School of Business and Technology, was unveiled in the Central Region of Ghana. 

A brain child of the Group President and Chairman of Groupe Nduom (GN), Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, the imposing edifice which could easily be described as the university of the twenty-first century, is situated on a stretch of land located at Ayensudo (Aboabo) on the main Cape Coast-Takoradi highway in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem District.

That the Nduom School of Business & Technology (NSB&T) is set to make a stir, changing the face of private tertiary education in this country, cannot be downplayed.  With the avowed aim to help build the next generation of leaders for Ghana, NSB&T has adopted as its symbol, the local “Adinkra” sign which stands for Leadership, Wisdom and Light.  Innovation, critical thinking, openness and transparency are some of the key characteristics of true leadership and these qualities are the guiding principles of the new institution as portrayed by its symbol.

Distinguishing mark

The argument has been made in some circles here in Ghana that there are too many private universities springing up and which are adding to the graduate unemployment situation.  The argument has further been made that unless there is a clear linkage to job assimilation, or better still, unless there are ready jobs to absorb graduates churned out, the National Accreditation Board (NAB) should put on hold further granting of accreditation for the opening of new institutions for higher education.

The School has an answer to all such arguments.  Having done its due diligence, consulting all the stakeholders right at the onset, the mark difference of the university is that it was set up with job assimilation in mind.  The institution will also have ready access for internship programmes, industrial attachments and skills development for its students.

Access to diversified businesses

As a member of Groupe Nduom, NSB&T’s Faculties will have access to the over 50 diversified and successful businesses within the Group.  These businesses cut across financial, hospitality, industrial, education, media, sports, entertainment, logistics, engineering, properties, technology and advertising concerns.  The businesses are spread across the length and breadth of Ghana with presence in some other countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, United States of America and the UK.

The complaint often heard from industry players has been that the country’s universities, private or public, have very little linkage or interaction with industry irrespective of the fact that industry is the end user of products from institutions of higher learning.  Luckily the School is poised to close that void by making it relevant for its students, graduates and faculties stay closer to industry either through internships, graduate recruitment or the sharing of research findings.

With only a handful of public institutions of higher learning in the country, parallel private higher education institutions have played significant roles in creating avenues for our Senior High Schools (SHS) graduates to look up to as they search for alternative higher education opportunities.  Currently in the country, the number of SHS and mature students who qualify for admission into tertiary institutions each year outnumber the spaces that our public universities could accommodate.  Private institutions of higher education are therefore welcome news for students and parents, while they also create jobs for academic and non academic staff.

Diversity is another hallmark of the NSB&T in staff recruitment as well as student intake.  The School is not only opening its doors to Ghanaian students, male and female, home and abroad, but it is also offering opportunities to foreign students to study in Ghana.  However, it is important to note that much as it will not compromise on standards and quality, only students with good qualifications which satisfy not only the requirements of NSB&T but also as stipulated by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) would be admitted into its programmes.

Governing Council

With the avowed aim to train future leaders and equip them not only with academic knowledge but more critically, industrial and entrepreneurial skills, the School has a six- member Governing Council with Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom as its Chairman.  The other members of the Council has a blend of academia and industry experts, thus making the decision body a  true reflection of what the School is set up to do.

Apart from the Council, there is a seven member management committee headed by Professor J. H. Ephraim, the Rector and a five-member Board for the Learning and Development Centre chaired by Mrs. Yvonne Nduom.

As it prepares to open its doors to prospective qualified students, for its first set of admissions, NSB&T has a ready space for 200 students within the first academic year.

University of Cape Coast

Affiliated to the University of Cape Coast (UCC) which also serves as its mentor, the Rector of NSB&T, Professor J. H. Ephraim confirmed that the School envisages commencing with three key Programmes.  The three will include: B.Sc. in Banking and Finance, B.Sc. in Information Communication Technology and B.Sc. in Information Technology Management for Business.


NSB&T has its own hostels on campus.  The shared rooms are spacious enough to take four, three or two students.  However, there are opportunities for rooms for single occupancy for those who so much want to have their privacy. 


The mention of private universities and institutions of higher education most of the time take people’s mind to affordability.  At the NSB&T, academic, hostel and boarding are favourably priced taking into account the fees being charged elsewhere, be it private or public universities.  To make it even more attractive, the purpose built School has a number of amenities made available for student convenience and comfort with 24 hour security.

For students of Banking, Finance, Information Communication Technology and Business, NSB&T will soon open its doors to potential students who aspire for quality higher educational opportunities in a serene campus.  The authentic taste of an institution of higher learning purpose built for the twenty-first century is on its way.



By Vicky Wireko-Andoh

Pictures: Isaac Jim Effum

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