Meet Marisa Susan Fee, GM, GN Electronics

“As the daughter of an American father and a German mother growing up in Italy, I learned as a child that there are different ways of seeing the world and approaching situations and that we must keep an open mind if we want to discover the beauties that this world has to offer”, General Manager of GN Electronics, Marisa Susan Fee who is our personality on Weekend Today recounted.

Marisa’s parents met in Italy and decided to settle there when Marisa was only two weeks old.  They lived in a town called Porto S. Stefano in the region of Tuscany in the centre of Italy.   What language did she speak growing up?  “German with my mother, English as a family, and Italian outside the home”, she admitted during a chat with her a few weeks ago in her office.

She started her basic education in Italy but later moved to continue her studies in the United States of America (USA).  Marisa holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Business Management and German, and minors in French and Economics from the Pennsylvania State University in USA.  She also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the New York University.

Throughout her working career, Ms. Fee has had a passion for startups. While working for United Technologies (UTX), a top 50 US company, most of her roles were in new organisations or dealing with the creation of new processes.

Currently in her thirties, Marisa’s career began in logistics.  She was responsible for the shipment of jet engines across the globe while also developing an SAP module for the tracking of material movement.  She then worked as the Airport Implementation Manager for EcoPower Engine Washing Services to establish service centres in airports in the US and other countries outside the US.

Ms. Fee also while in the US assumed several positions of increasing responsibility during the formation of an organisation responsible for the transfer of major production lines to new international manufacturers.

Prior to joining Groupe Nduom, a multinational conglomerate, Ms. Fee concluded the operational execution plan for her organisation to set up suppliers in Turkey, a plan which was to reach almost $2 billion worth of products in Turkey over a period of 15 years. According to her, it was part of the industrialisation plan related to a multi billion-dollar contract which was signed shortly before she moved to Ghana.

Sharing her move to Ghana and her particular passion for Africa, Ms. Fee recounted pleasant memories from some trips she made in 2007 to Ethiopia, and after that to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Morocco, and Mozambique.  Such fond memories made her move to Ghana very easy and smooth.

She currently works for Groupe Nduom as the General Manager for GN Electronics, a member of Groupe Nduom.  GN Electronics is a manufacturing company based in Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana.  Prior to her appointment As GM for GN Electronics, she was the head of GN Projects under Groupe Nduom and managed projects at different complexity levels within the Group.

Marisa Susan Fee with her adorable children...
Marisa Susan Fee with her adorable children…

She is a proud mother of two adorable children and has set up her family home in Accra.  She is gifted with four major languages: French, Italian, German and English.  Hopefully, she will soon be adding on at least one major Ghanaian language.

She spends her free time with the family and is on the board of the Rotary Club of Accra – Osu Oxford Street. Marisa attributes her success to the numerous mentors she has had and continues to have. She also tries to reciprocate and share her experiences with her own mentees both formally and informally.