Martial artist breaks 16 concrete blocks on his chest

A martial artist in Turkey set a new world record by having more than a dozen concrete blocks smashed on his chest in a matter of seconds.

Ali Bahçetepe recently set a new Guinness World Record for “Fastest time to break 16 concrete blocks on the body (male)” by completing the stunt in 4.75 seconds at Milas Cumhuriyet Square in Mugla, Turkey.

Bahçetepe bested his own previous record of 6.33 seconds, as he lay on his back while an assistant smashed the concrete blocks with a 14-pound sledgehammer.

Breaking bricks is Bahçetepe’s specialty, and the martial artist holds several other block-breaking records, including breaking 683 blocks in 30 seconds, breaking 1,175 blocks in a minute and the longest single streak of broken blocks with 37.



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