Let’s move into 2017 with a positive mindset!


IN just under 48 hours from today, the world would be ushered into a brand New Year—2017, having bid 2016 goodbye.  As has been the norm, entering into a new year is usually characterised by all kinds of activities.

PROMINENT amongst these activities are the traditional watch night services where people go to church to thank God for His mercies and favours upon their lives and welcome the New Year.   It is also the time of the year when many take stock of their lives and resolve to go a step further than the prior year where they fell short.

COLLECTIVELY as a country, we have had our fair share of challenges so far as 2016 is concerned. But the good thing in the face of all the challenges that came our way is that we stayed as a united people.

WE started 2016 knowing very well that we will be going to the polls to elect a president and Members of Parliament (MPs) to steer affairs of this country for the next four years. Thankfully we have successfully crossed that hurdle and today we have a new President-elect in the person of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

INDEED many were of the opinion that the 2016 election will be a break or lose year for Ghana. Thank God we sailed through the election process with very minimal hitches which saw the international community praise us for an election well organised.

THUS on January 7, 2017 when Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will be sworn in as the 5th President under the Fourth Republic, Ghana will be run under an NPP administration led by Akufo-Addo. We have heard President John Dramani Mahama urge all of us to support the incoming government to succeed.

WE could not agree more with President Dramani Mahama.  We need to understand that the election is over and that we have a president-elect whose primary responsibility will be to work towards improving our lot.

THEREFORE it is imperative that we offer the incoming government all of our support to ensure that it succeeds. After all when Ghana becomes a prosperous nation its benefits will be enjoyed by all of us irrespective of our political and ethnic affiliations.

IT is against this background that Today is calling on all of us to put behind our negative attitudes and look into 2017 with a positive mindset that will goad us on to contribute our quota towards making Ghana and a prosperous nation. It must be pointed out that the success or failure of the incoming government will much depend on the kind of attitudes we put up.

FOR instance, if we decide to carry into 2017 our attitude of throwing solid waste into the drains and gutters then we should bear in mind that we will be the same people who will suffer the consequences. Equally important is the fact that workers in the public and private sectors must ensure that they give off their best to grow the economy.

IT is only when we begin to show such strong commitments and change our negative attitudes towards nation building that we would together achieve positive developments for our country.  On this note, Today would like to call on all Ghanaians home and abroad to put their shoulders to the wheel and let us support the incoming government so that together we can all share in its success.

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