I’ve never cheated on my wife — Bill Asamoah

Renowned Kumawood actor, Bill Asamoah, has revealed that he has never cheated on his wife since both walked down the aisle about 12 years ago.

Ashanti Regional President of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) who has been accused of engaging in sexual escapades with actresses in the industry including Kumawood youngster, Maame Serwaa, Emelia Brobbey, Vivian Jill and many others, professed his unflinching love for his wife.

He, however, explained that his relationship with these individuals perceived to be his lovers was only on professional grounds and that there was nothing unusual going on between him and all ladies.

“My wife and I have been married for like 12 years and I do not envisage any separation even though we have challenges occasionally. I have never cheated on her,” he revealed on the Celebrity Ride.

Bill Asamoah intimated that he abhors cheating on the basis that he may not know who will be trailing him and what reports the person could be seeking, adding that even when he is outside the shores of the country, he conducts himself very well.

“They are all my sisters and I flow easily with all of them. When we are working, the chemistry is there that is why people have drawn the conclusion I have laid them.”

“If you understand the kind of work I do, when you are making moves you will be cautious. I am not a wayward person and you should be mindful about that when you travel outside the country because there are a lot of eyes watching. Don’t feel you are not being watched. You don’t know who is looking at you and who will tell somebody about what you will be doing,” he cautioned.

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