Group angry with happenings at Tema Port

Members of the Movement for Truth and Accountability, a political pressure group credited for political corruption exposés in Ghana, have expressed grave concerns about the recent happenings at the Tema Port.

They are also disturbed about the seeming silence by authorities who are supposed to act and safeguard the country’s little revenue.

According to them, it was not surprising when revenue target for 2016 was missed by 4.6% when the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) was tasked to collect an amount of GH¢10,823 billion, but realised an amount of GH¢ 10,327 billion resulting in a shortfall of GH¢495.84 million.

The group expressed their displeasure at a press conference held in Takoradi on recent developments at the Tema Port.

Convener of the Movement, Mr Joseph Bediako, who addressed journalists at the event alleged that they made a revelation about a month ago on Asempa FM’s political show- Kukurantumi- to the effect that a company called Trinity Company Limited cleared some large number of goods at the Tema Port with the declaration number 420173895297.

He said that the goods were cleared on 27th September, 2017 and they were more than convinced that the state lost huge sums of money in that transaction and therefore, challenging the authorities at the port to, as a matter of urgency, call for an audit of that transaction.

“We are informed that this very transaction was superintendent by Mr Edward Osei who was the Chief Collector at the Tema Port which led the nation to lose millions of Ghana cedis and this is not the first time, he has allegedly supervised numerous clearing of goods that has caused the state huge sums of revenue.

He has also been accused on several occasions of having caused the release of goods that have been declared “short collection,” he added.

Mr Bediako intimated that the group was surprised when Mr Osei who has allegedly caused the state to lose revenue was promoted and transferred.

To this wake, they called on the port authorities to investigate circumstances that led to the promotion and transfer.

He explained that Mr Osei was the Chief Collector at the Tema Port but has now been promoted to Assistant Commissioner and transferred to head the Elubo office in the Western Region.

“Our worry is that the circumstances surrounding the entire process look fishy because we are reliably informed that there are some senior officers who are ahead of him yet there were ignored.”

According to him, what is even striking is that about 150 CEPS officers are currently being investigated for various forms of corruption-related matters pending outcome, but have exempted Mr Osei thereby promoting and transferring him.

Mr Bediako disclosed that they are currently monitoring several transactions underway at the Tema Port of which very soon they will engage the media once their findings are completed and cautioned against some unknown faces at the Flagstaff House who have been calling them to back down on their crusade to stay away.

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